In the Sken portal, you can add a new organization. For example, agencies can organize their apps by their clients’ organizations.

In the organization name drop-down, select See All, as below.

If you have a new account in the Sken portal, the default organization is listed. If you have already added a few organizations, all these are listed, as below.

Click on New Organization. The New Organization page opens.

In Organization Name, write the name of the new organization.

Click on the Create Organization button. The new organization page opens.

You can see the following details.

  • Option to invite members (please see Invite members to an organization for more details)

  • A sidebar where you can see the organization status, an option to make this organization as the default organization, the Org ID of this organization, the date when this is created in this Sken portal, and so on.

Org ID

For every new organization that you create, this Org ID is required in the backend settings before you run app scans. Please see


You can see the new organization listed in the menu, and in the list of organizations, as below.

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