There are two ways to use Sken.

  • You invite someone to join an organization in your Sken portal account

  • Someone invites you to join their Sken portal account

You can invite anyone to an organization in your Sken portal account. The members can see only the apps that are part of this organization where you invite them.

For example, if you run scans for the apps of two different organizations and both these organizations have their own IT support/security teams, you can invite each of them to the respective organizations so that one or more members can see app scans only for a specific organization to which they are invited to be part of.

Open the organization page. Click on Invite Member.

The Invite Member page appears.

In Member Email, write the email address of the person whom you want to invite.

Click on the Invite button.

Sken confirms that an invitation is sent to the member.

You can also copy the invitation URL and invite that member by sharing this link, such as by email or an online chat or communication platform.

The invited member gets an email with a link to join the Sken portal for this specific organization. They click on the invitation link and see the following.

They click on Accept and see a Sign In form. If they have are new to Sken, they can sign up, or they can sign in to join your Sken portal organization. (If they are new to Sken, please share Sign In to Sken Portal help article URL to help them with the signup steps.)

Once they complete these steps to join your organization, you can see them listed on the organization page.

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