When you log in to the Sken portal for the first time, you set up one default app. You have an option to add more apps to the Sken portal, and you can organize different apps in different organizations. (Please see Organizations for details.)

If you have not added any organization, the new app is added to the default organization. Alternatively, select an organization where you want to add a new app. The organization shows its home page for all the apps. For a new organization where you are adding its first app, the home page appears as below.

Click on New Application. The New Application page opens.

In Application Name, write the name of new app.

Click on Next.

The App Setup page opens where you can see the App ID of this new app.

Note: Copy the App ID now to use it when you generate a new build for this app in the backend. You will see an option to copy this App ID later too.

Click on Next. The App Settings page opens.

For any app, you need to define two different types of settings.

Technical details

Click on Define application settings to open the app settings details.

In Type of application, select how the app is set up and distributed to the users.

In Who is responsible, add the names and email IDs of people who are in DevOps, Security, and Development, respectively.

Note: The Language support is coming up in the next version (as of today on 14 August 2020).

Risk factors

Click on Set Current Risk Factors to define the risk factors that you find important for this app. You can set up different types of risk factors for each app.

The Risk Rating Factors page opens, as below.

In #1, select the possible impact of a full security breach on the app.

In #2, select where the app is deployed.

Click on Save Settings to save the app settings.

Next step: See the following articles depending on the use cases.

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