When you see the scan findings and the detailed scan report of an app, you have an option to see and change the status of each finding. (Please see See findings and reports of a specific app for more details.)

Click on the app name, or the number of findings to see the scan findings of this app. the list of findings of this specific app appears, as below.

For the new findings, the status is New. Click on the drop-down arrow to see all the status options, as below.

Here is a list of all status types:

  • New: When a scan detects a new vulnerability

  • Confirmed: This status means that this is a real vulnerability, and a developer needs to fix this

  • In Review: It means that someone is looking at this vulnerability

  • Reviewed: It means that someone has reviewed it and they might not have changed the status to an appropriate status for any reason

  • Reopened: There might be case when a 'fixed' vulnerability is found again when the scanner is run again. A fixed vulnerability should disappear with the next scan runs.

  • Fixed: This status means that the vulnerability is fixed and it should not be seen in the next scan run

  • Risk Accepted: It means that you are fine to go live with this vulnerability

  • False Positive: it means that the vulnerability does not matter as this could be a flaw in the scanner or it doesn't apply because of something unique about the app

  • Removed: It means that you can completely overlook this vulnerability.

When you see the details of each finding, you can change the status on the details page as well, as below.

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