You can update your Sken portal profile details and the security settings such as to set up two-step authentication. We advise you to use the authentication steps carefully to keep your Sken portal secure.

Click on the small dropdown arrow on your name, as below.

Select Profile.

The Sken profile settings open in a new browser tab.

Click on Edit Profile. Sken asks you to enter your Sken portal password to authenticate your access to the account settings.

Enter your Sken password.

Click on Verify. You get a verification code in your email.

Enter the verification code and now you see an option edit different types of information or settings in your Sken portal profile.

Personal information

Click on Edit to update the personal information associated with your Sken portal account.

Change the name, the primary email, or add a secondary email, as required. In either case, Sken confirms it and you need to confirm it at the associated email addresses.

If you see a change that you did not request, click on I didn't request this change and write a message to the Sken support.

Change password

Click on Edit to change your Sken portal password.

Write the current password and the new password in the respective fields. Note that the password strength validations are the same that apply to a new Sken portal account. If your new password is not strong enough, a message shows it.

Security image

Click on Edit to set up a security image for your Sken portal account.

The images' gallery appears.

Forgotten password security question

If you lose or forget the Sken portal password, a security question helps you retrieve the lost password. Select a security question and write its answer.

Caution: Please write this question and answer safely somewhere as it is the quickest way to retrieve your forgotten password.

Click on Save to save the question and its answer.

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