The fundamental promise of Sken is that you do not need to use multiple CI/CD plugins for different types of scans to run on your apps.

Sken includes the entire lifecycle of open source scanners and CI/CD tools, for different programming languages.

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Opensource Scanners


  • find-sec-bugs

  • NodeJsScans

  • brakeman

  • bandit

  • Gosec

  • PHP CodeSniffer

  • ES Lint

  • TSLint

Secret Leaks

  • Gitleaks


  • OWASP dependency check



App Languages

  • Java

  • NodeJS

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Python

  • Go Lang

  • PhP

  • TypeScript

CI/CD Tools

  • Jenkins

  • Travis CI

  • Circle CI

  • GitHub Actions

  • Bamboo

  • Harness / Drone CI

  • Azure DevOps

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