Sken gives you a free account to get started with your app scan process for vulnerabilities and security issues. Since Sken helps you set up your apps for security scans, you get an additional layer of account security via Okta. Your sign up steps including securing your Sken portal account for two-factor authentication.

The Sign Up form shows as below.

Write valid details in the respective fields.

Note: Follow the password strength validations to ensure that you have a secure Sken portal account. For example, if your password is not strong enough, it shows a message.

If you enter correct and valid details in the Sign Up form, click on Register.

Check your email to verify this new account.

In the email, click on Activate Account.

Your Sken portal account is confirmed, and you see options to set up multifactor authentication, as below.

Select an option.

For example, if you select Email Authentication, you see an option to send code at the registered email address. Click on Send me the code.

Check your email, and enter the code. Click on Verify.

When you enter the correct code, the email authentication is confirmed.

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