Sken helps you to set up the complete application security scanning within a few minutes. Follow these steps to get started quickly with your first app.

Note; These steps are typically done by DevOps or developers.

The application security scanning is enabled by our Command Line Interface tool called the Sken CLI.

There are two ways to run Sken CLI

Ultimately, you might want to set up Sken CLI on your CI/CD.

To see how Sken solves your problem quickly, we recommend you to test run Sken CLI directly in a terminal only once. Once you see it working fine and see the scan findings, you can set up Sken CLI into your CI/CD.

To run Sken CLI in a terminal: To test run Sken CLI in a terminal, you would need access to the root folder of your source code. If you don't have such access or if there are some other reasons (such as your permission level), you can directly set up in your CI/CD.

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